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Colourful Summer Ice Cream

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Homemade and all natural

with Golden Milk Latte, Nourishing Green Latte and Boosting Red Latte What is summer without ice cream? In fact, what is life without ice cream? With this awesome tasting, colourful ice cream you’ll have another easy way to make this cold treat at home without hassle! It doesn’t take much longer than a few minutes, not counting the freezer time!






Directions Peel the bananas cut them into smaller pieces and freeze them for 3 hours in the deep freeze. Next, put them in a blender and add the syrup of your choice, and blend until combined. Divide into 3 dishes (i.e. mason jars) and add each latte flavour to one of the dishes and stir until well combined. If they get a little too soft, put them back into the freezer for a while. Before you serve them add fruits and nuts or herbs of your choice as garnish. Enjoy!

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