Zucchini galore......what to do with the abundance?

Updated: Sep 17

Let me show you what I do:

Every summer I can barely wait for ZUCCHINI time. Some of you will probably call me nuts...lol.

But Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable....or is it? Well, actually Zucchini is a fruit which masquerades as a vegetable!

Now you may ask what is the difference between fruit and vegetable? Actually, it is fairly easy to differentiate them:

Botanically spoken: it is the part of the plant they come from. The fruit develops from the flower of a plant and contains seeds.

Vegetables are growing on other parts of the plant, such as roots, stems, and leaves.

In the kitchen, we tend to separate them by taste and uses: “Vegetables” are used generally in savoury dishes as main or side dishes. Whereas fruits have more sweet and/or tart flavour and are used in desserts, jams, snacks or juices. But sometimes even that is interchangeable ;-)

Back to our Zucchini Abundance:

I am sure that lots of you know and make sweet and savoury dishes with Zucchini, such as Zucchini Bread (sweet) and Zucchini as a savoury side.

Does anyone of you use them in any other way (besides chicken food for winter)?

For the past 2 years, I started to pickle them and both my men complained that I haven’t put up enough! So this year I will make ‘tons’ of our BBQ Zucchini pickle with our Garlic Bread Seasoning! They can be pickled just like any cucumber pickle you like!

But I will also sprinkle prepared zucchini bits and pieces with a

variety of our salt-free spice blends and dehydrate them into crunchy, savoury and healthy chips (I am sure kids will love them!). Some of them I will also crush into breadcrumb size bits and use them instead of breadcrumbs.

Dehydrated zucchini, just plain, will be blended into a powderlike consistency to stretch my flour for baking (think zucchini bread) with it. But the powder can also be used in shakes, smoothies and ice creams!

And last but not least all the other good things to do with them!

Here is a little video for your inspiration:

What are you making with your Zucchini?