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Tea Shelf set up on a Market


We, Marlon Jugl and Sabine Weibrich came to Canada in May 2009 with the dream of having our own little heaven of land to grow and raise our food. Our compassion for nature led us to live on a tiny piece of land without power and running water. That changed our lifestyle completely! We launched 'Sabine's Country Store' and started selling our homemade goods at a variety of Farmers' Markets across Saskatchewan: Hudson Bay, Porcupine Plain, Nipawin, Regina, and Saskatoon....just to mention a few. In 2011 we were joined by Sabine's son Sebastian, who only wanted to stay for a couple of years (He is still here and working now with us!). With his help and that of a lot of people and friends, we were blessed to build a home on a 160 acres piece of land, which never had seen fertilizer. Here we grow herbs, flowers and vegetables, pasture our animals, and wildcraft the bush around us.


After a while the name 'Sabine's Country Store" didn't reflect what we were really doing and trying to achieve the way we wanted, so the brand

'Triple H Homestead'

was born and is located south of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan - Canada,


The 3 'h' stand for:


  • home grown          

  • home made           

  • home raised          


Now Triple H Homestead is not 'only' a homestead but a brand with all-natural herbal and food products like

Herbal Teas

Salt-free Spice Blends

Herbal Salves

Herbal Vinegar and Oil Blends

Homemade Granola

and lots more


From selling at Farmers' Markets we extended to trade shows and stores all over Saskatchewan (we are still looking for more...hint...hint ;-)

In 2019 we opened THH Country Store, our outlet location in Zenon Park, SK where you can explore, sample, and purchase our artisan products. 


Booth set up at a Traid Show

Our products

Our goal is to produce products that nurture you and your family and have ingredients you can feel confident and excited about using yourself. That is why products made by us, Triple H Homestead, are made with great care, love and attention to detail by established principles of herbalism. All our products are handcrafted in small batches and are sold within a year!

To bring you the best experience and highest quality with our products, we only use all-naturally and organically grown and wildcrafted herbs, spices and other ingredients. Even though we are not organically certified, we use natural and organic practices to grow our garden. We will never use pesticide sprays or chemical fertilizers on our crops. What we cannot grow ourselves, we get from organic farmers/suppliers as local as possible, who care about their products much as we do!


We DO NOT add any preservatives, fillers or additives of any kind to our products! You will always get pure, unadulterated herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables

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