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Date Syrup & Paste - make your own date sweetener

Updated: Jan 5

Make your own, healthier sugar alternative

home made
Date Syrup & Date Paste

Dates have been cultivated in the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years. There is archaeological evidence of date cultivation in Arabia from the 6th millennium BC. The Date Palm was essential for the people in those regions, who made much use of it – and not just the fruits. The leaves were made into baskets, mats, brooms, and ropes. The trunks were used to build structures, the sap was fermented into wine, and the fruit was eaten.

Date palm dates
Date Palms

Dates are not 'just' an alternative sugar substitute! They are packed with plenty of nutrients, which make them perfect for adding to our diets. If you enjoy them in moderation (like everything sweet) they can help enhance your metabolism and give you an energy boost.

100g of dates have about 100 calories less than the same amount of industrial sugar! On top of that, they contain a good amount of fibre and that causes the blood sugar level to rise slower than the industrial one.

So how to make your own date sweetener and turn dates into paste and syrup?

fresh and dried dates
fresh and dried dates

How do you use your dates?

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